Ways aging seniors can fight depression and anxiety during COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak has wreak havoc on the entire human civilization. The disease that first appeared in 2019 is rapidly gripping the whole globe and raising health concerns. The uncertainty and economic implications of COVID-19 are further worsening things for all. Since the disease affects the immune system of the human, senior people who are ages 50+, young kids, and those with compromised immunity are placed at high risk of catching the infection.

Amid this, it’s inevitable to feel stressed and anxious. With cases of infected patients and deaths increasing every minute, fear and anxiety, adults and children alike are overwhelmed. Stress during situations like this can have mental and physical implications for people. Stress can lead to depression, sleep disorder or insomnia, worsen chronic health conditions, increase mental health issues, and much more.

People who are at higher risk of getting infected are susceptible to stress and depression. If you are a family member caring for an older person or a caregiver looking after aging adults, you might be wondering how to go about the situation.

Here are a few ways technology can aid you in helping senior citizens fight depression  

Keep them distracted from the news 

In pandemic situations like this, social distancing and self-imposed isolation have proven effective in stemming the spread of the virus. However, these solutions come with a price. Studies have indicated that these methods of curbing the global pandemic spread are impacting seniors mentally and psychologically. With limited mobility and physical strength, they are feeling more disconnected from their peers. And then, there is an increased concern about their well-being.

Easy to use tablet for seniors has a lot of potentials to take their minds off the outside world and reconnect with their families. This small yet powerful handheld device can be used to stay in touch with friends, family, and caregivers through voice/video calls and emails.

Brain Fitness Games 

Stress, anxiety, and depression have psychological effects on seniors. Psychological effects can further weaken the immunity system in such people and put them at higher risk of infection. Brain games and mental fitness apps can prove useful in helping seniors fight off depression. There are plenty of smartphones and senior-friendly tablet that come with cognitive fitness apps and games. These games are entertaining, engaging, and designed to strengthen the cognitive strength of the players. These devices are easy to use and come with plenty of features, making them an apt piece of tech device.

Reconnect with Hobbies 

Picking up an activity or hobby is a great way to prevent depression and stress take a toll on you. Most seniors love reading or listening to stories. If your aging parents were avid globe trotter, a smart tablet could help them reconnect with their hobby. With tech devices like smartphones and tablets, they can get access to countless novels and ebooks and read or listen to them. They can also virtually explore their favorite destinations with a tap of a button. Besides this, they can use the personal assistant to talk to when feeling lonely.

Ways aging seniors can fight depression and anxiety during COVID-19
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